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To become the most preferred and trusted Mobile Payment Solutions Company driving cash free economy and contactless payments in Canada. As a reliable provider, we aim to go beyond the ordinary and open up a world of unlimited possibilities, in the world of Digital Payment Ecosystem.


Maple Pay Wallets endeavours to create an innovative payment ecosystem that will empower every individual and merchants with access to simple, safe and convenient digital payments. With uncompromising commitment, we aim to reimagine financial services for our clients- while ensuring to keep our customers at the centre of everything we do.


Simple. Secure. Seamless.

Maple Pay Wallets is a Digital payment platform, built to simplify and accelerate instant contact free payments & instant fund transfers. Strategically designed, it interconnects all aspects of the payment space into one all-inclusive solution.

With its complete suite of fast, flexible, and scalable services, Maple Pay Wallets strives to offer the 3Cs – Convenience, Cash Back Savings and Cyber Safe services – to customers, merchants and management companies alike. From payments, administration and distribution of funds, our optimized services and secure payment technologies will simplify the way you pay, and get paid.

Driving financial inclusion by means of cash free and contactless adoption, Maple Pay Wallets is all set to revolutionize the financial world and enable seamless digital transactions. An exceptional team of passionate experts known for agility, vision and commitment – we aim to go above and beyond for our clients. We don’t just strive to drive innovation, but make life simple.

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Saju James - Chairman & Managing Director

With nearly 2 decades of experience in the Banking and Finance industry,
Saju James has witnessed the exponential growth of this sector on a global scale. Having led complex Business Operations – he has a proven track record of success in the execution of complex projects in Financial Operations, Credit and Underwriting, Finance and accounting.

With attention to detail and managing all affairs in a responsive, transparent, and ethical way – his goal has always remained in building and strengthening strategic client relationships. Whether the situation requires him to stretch, think out of the box or be flexible – with his analytical ability and proficiency, he makes it happen.


Sasikaran Thivakaran

With 15+ years of experienced as Data Modeler and Integration Architect, Sasikaran has helped organizations achieve their goals and excel at their IT journeys. Having designing over a hundred solutions for global businesses in domains such as payments, retail, telecom and insurance. He brings to the table a unique blend of executive acumen, distributed team-building, solutions design and execution with a focus on strong ROI.

Adept with a strong understanding of how technology scales in any market, he will oversee all aspects of product research, development and tech infrastructure, and also create a high performing and innovative culture at Maple Pay Wallets.



Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Saju James

Saju James

Chairman & Managing Director
Sasikaran Thivakaran

Sasikaran Thivakaran

Technology Advisor


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