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To the Property Management Companies

To the Property Management Companies

With Maple Pay Wallets, you can stay updated, organized, and connected with your Property – like never before. No need to spend money on property management software and separate CRM. At Maple Pay Wallets, we provide one easy and simple solution to Level Up your property management. Track tenant status, vacant properties, rent received or overdue, and much more.

Simplified Administration: Keep tenant information organized and easily accessible. Proactively manage your tenant portfolio and keep track of outstanding balances and keep track when rent agreements need to be renewed.

Maintenance Service: Providing an intuitive interface, Maple Pay Wallets allows tenants to request repairs, maintenance and service from any device, allowing property managers to address issues and resolve issues quickly.

With professional management and seamless processes, we aim to maximize the profitability of client investments and ease the burdens associated with tenancy management.


  • Manage your tenant KYC and database
  • Rental collection from tenancy
  • Get Rapid Insights and overview on rent received and rent due
  • Settlement and accounting of rentals
  • Keep track of important information
  • CRM platform for your tenant Servicing.
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