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To the Consumers

In today’s ever-changing monetary landscape, payment processing poses a wide range of daunting challenges.Get the fastest, most reliable transactions around with Maple Pay Wallet’sinnovative and integrated payment platform.

Promising you of a fast, easy-to-use, safe, and seamlessexperience - we create highly differentiated virtual banking experiences and respond to the ever-evolving digital needs. Gone are the days of carrying around a physical wallet with multiple cards. Simply download Maple Pay Wallet on your device, save multiple card information, and start your digital shopping experience.

From utility bills to transfers or getting instant loans and cash backs - we help you get a complete view of how money flows, both – payment in to payment out. Also experience next-level granular insights and spending analytics through our customized reporting platforms.

Also designed to simplify the process of purchase and save time at checkout, we help you eliminate the hassle with payment cards. Quickly generate a check on the screen of your mobile app while adding goods in the shopping cart, and easily pay with Maple Pay Wallet. And the most exciting part - accrue bonuses and tokenize cashback automatically.Get ready to get, experience and enjoy - MORE!

  • Manage multiple Bank accounts through one platform
  • Monthly spending accounts and analytics
  • Monthly savings through Cash Backs
  • Send and Receive Money instantly
  • Pay all your utility bills
  • Transfer money to any VISA Card around the world
  • Self-check out at all major stores
  • Insta loan from our lending partners
  • Tap n Pay at POS (Point of Sale) terminals
  • Withdraw Cash from any Tap n Pay ATM terminals
  • Manage all your major rewards cards in the wallets
  • Card-less ATM
Overview Image
Overview Image

To the Retail Merchants

Built on a robust advanced technology platform, Maple Pay Wallet is a comprehensive and integrated solution that offers processing of a wide variety of payment services, inventory management, and financing services. In other words, now you can process, collect, reconcile, report, settle and analyze - all in a single easy-to-use dashboard with Maple Pay Wallet.

Maple Pay Wallet is a dynamic payment processor that goes beyond the basic duties to help you grow. Our software development team is dedicated to helping you build and integrate complex payment processing features rapidly and affordably.

Fast - With an authentic record of goods or services,we act as a payment accelerator to get you the revenue you need in just a few days. Track dues and also monitor business analytics, intricately.

Easy -Automate billing and reconciliation processes. Maple Pay Wallet allows you to quickly manage vendors, check on payments, and integrate with local accounting systems.

Prompt - Beyond invoicing and maintaining sales register, you can keep a real time track of inventory. In other words, no losing customers due to lack of inventory or piling up unnecessary stock.You can plan your next purchase of items right before they are about to get exhausted.

Enhanced Customer Experiences - Allow customers to view and pay their bills and check out. The easy self-service setup wont just improve customer experiences, but ensure hassle free and smooth shopping experiences for your walk ins.

In other words, Maple Pay Wallets is your complete back office on one easy to use interface, so you can focus on what actually matters: customer satisfaction and growing your business.

  • Invoicing and Payment collection
  • Manage your Inventory and Sales register
  • Convenient Self-check-out for your customers at the store
  • Facilitates walk in customer experiences
  • Merchandising of your products and schemes
  • Settlement and reconciliation of all invoices and payments
  • Manage your client database and history for business analytics and trends
  • Settlement on the very next day
  • Integration capability with local accounting systems
  • Personalized offerings and Support

To the Property Management Companies

With Maple Pay Wallets, you can stay updated, organized, and connected with your Property - like never before. No need to spend money on rental property management software and separate CRM. At Maple Pay Wallets, we provide one easy and simple solution to Level Up your property management. Track tenant status, vacant properties, rent received or overdue, and much more.

Simplified Administration:Keep tenant information organized and easily accessible. Proactively manage your tenant portfolio and keep track of outstanding balances and keep track when rent agreements need to be renewed.

Maintenance Service: Providing an intuitive interface, Maple Pay Wallets allows tenants to request repairs, maintenance and service from any device, allowing property managers to address issues and resolve issues quickly.

With professional management and seamless processes,we aim to maximize the profitability of client investments and ease the burdens associated with tenancy management.

  • Manage your tenant KYC and database
  • Rental collection from tenancy
  • Get Rapid Insights and overview on rent received and rent due
  • Settlement and accounting of rentals
  • Keep track of important information
  • A CRM platform for your tenant Servicing
Overview Image
Overview Image

To the Transport Fleet Companies

Reduce the margin for error and save time by digitizing your fleet operations with Maple Pay Wallets. From servicing, expense tracking and reimbursement - centralize all your dataand gain insights to make better decisions for your organization with Maple Pay Wallets.

Manage Huge Data Records:It can very difficult to keep track of all telematics data daily without a comprehensive dashboard. Maple Pay Walletsmanages and stores the data you need to manage vehicles and equipment - from acquisition to driver KYC,so you can manage any fleet-related task anytime, anywhere. We’rethe all-in-one solution that allows you to rely on comprehensive data analysis.

Complete Digitization: We seamlessly integrate solutions to digitize all aspects of fleet - vehicle diagnostic and maintenance to monitoring fuel management and accounting or reimbursement, into one user-friendly management automation tool. We’re here to add clarity and visibility to each of the operations and digitize workflows.

With all the data in one place, you not just have in-depth understanding but can also make more informed, fast, optimized, and reasonable decisionsto improve operational efficiency.

  • Managing your Driver s KYC and database
  • Real time data analysis
  • Reconciliation and accounting records for trucking expenses and driver payments with reimbursements
  • Mileage monitoring and attendance management
  • Automated reports and Insights
  • Expense reimbursement to drivers and truck maintenance