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To the Retail Merchants

To the Retail Merchants

Built on a robust advanced technology platform, Maple Pay Wallet is a comprehensive and integrated solution that offers processing of a wide variety of payment services, inventory management, and financing services. In other words, now you can process, collect, reconcile, report, settle and analyze – all in a single easy-to-use dashboard with Maple Pay Wallet.

Maple Pay Wallet is a Payment solutions partner that goes beyond the basic duties to help you grow. Our software development team is dedicated to helping you build and integrate complex payment processing & enterprise features rapidly and affordably.

Fast – With an authentic record of goods or services, we act as a payment accelerator to get you the revenue you need in just a few days. Track dues and also monitor business analytics, intricately.

Easy –Automate billing and reconciliation processes. Maple Pay Wallet allows you to quickly manage clients, check on payments, and integrate with local accounting systems.

Prompt – Beyond invoicing and maintaining sales register, you can keep a real time track of inventory. In other words, no losing customers due to lack of inventory or piling up unnecessary stock. You can plan your next purchase of items right before they are about to get exhausted.

Enhanced Customer Experiences – Allow customers to view and pay their bills and check out. The easy self-service setup won’t just improve customer experiences, but ensure hassle free and smooth shopping experiences for your walk ins. In other words, Maple Pay Wallets is your complete back office on one easy to use interface, so you can focus on what actually matters: customer satisfaction and growing your business.


  • Invoicing and Payment collection
  • Manage your Inventory and Sales register
  • Convenient Self-check-out for your customers at the store
  • Facilitates walk in customer experiences
  • Merchandising of your products and schemes
  • Settlement and reconciliation of all invoices and payments
  • Manage your client database and history for business analytics and trends
  • Settlement on the very next day
  • Integration capability with local accounting systems
  • Personalized offerings and Support
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