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To the Transport Fleet Companies

To the Transport Fleet Companies

Reduce the margin for error and save time by digitizing your fleet operations with Maple Pay Wallets. From servicing, expense tracking and reimbursement – centralize all your data and gain insights to make better decisions for your organization with Maple Pay Wallets.

Manage Huge Data Records: It can very difficult to keep track of all telematics data daily without a comprehensive dashboard. Maple Pay Wallets manages and stores the data you need to manage vehicles and equipment – from acquisition to driver KYC, so you can manage any fleet-related task anytime, anywhere. We’re the all-in-one solution that allows you to rely on comprehensive data analysis.

Complete Digitization: We seamlessly integrate solutions to digitize all aspects of fleet – vehicle diagnostic and maintenance to monitoring fuel management and accounting or reimbursement, into one user-friendly management automation tool. We’re here to add clarity and visibility to each of the operations and digitize workflows.

With all the data in one place, you not just have in-depth understanding but can also make more informed, fast, optimized, and reasonable decisions to improve operational efficiency.


  • Managing your Driver s KYC and database
  • Real time data analysis
  • Reconciliation and accounting records for trucking expenses and driver payments with reimbursements
  • Mileage monitoring and attendance management
  • Automated reports and Insights
  • Expense reimbursement to drivers and truck maintenance
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